A site about the piece of land now to be called Treverlen – history, ancient and modern and its developments, like the new St John’s Primary School and the Treverlen Park which completed the development on its opening on 7 November 2019.


Open Wide!

We knew it was happening; on Thursday 7 November, the refrigerator was taken out of the workers cabin, leaving the microwave and the kettle. ROSPA had been in on Monday doing the final safety inspection. Turn your back and a crane had nipped in and taken the whole cabin. Nothing left. Then a couple of …

The Pace Picks Up

It has been quiet in Treverlen but now the Hi-Viz jackets are back and a skate facility is well under construction. So much so that the wee Lego people doing the work have taken to arriving at 7.30am on a Saturday and Sunday morning so it may not be long before the final skate structure …


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