A site about the piece of land now to be called Treverlen – history, ancient and modern and its developments, like the new St John’s Primary School and the Treverlen Park to be completed in the summer of 2019



Last week we mentioned the white Stonehenge that had rolled down from the mountains but this week all changed. It has acquired colour and texture so now resembles a Shar pei dog, all brown folds and wrinkles. Treverlen rocks are here. In reality, the white blocks have been sprayed with a thick coat of stone-like …

A New View

The removal of the top soil ziggurat this week has opened a new view of the park from Duddingston Road. The area next to the road has just been levelled and will eventually be open grass. The sphere climbing frame is to the left. The eastern boundary of the park is also now visible – …


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