Hoarding down, Road up



Gas, water, telecoms, power, cable TZ, sewer – all exposed and in the way.


Everyone is beginning to see how the new school will be an elegant addition to the area; the exterior is all but finished.

The next step is to take down the high grey fence/hoarding so the front area of the school can be laid out. To do this, Grahams are seeking permission from the Council to close the pavement on Duddingston Road alongside the site from 25 June – much as was done in May for the services connections.

The work in Hamilton Drive is taking a little longer than expected – what was under the road was complicated so Grahams are applying to the Council for an extension of the closure. The new plan is for the road to re-open on 18 June, with final tarmac-ing on 14-15 June. Many people have said how they don’t mind (perhaps enjoy) the closure but if there are any concerns, let us or Alan Wilkinson know.


The way to newSt John’s through Treverlen Park.

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