It all begins to look like a Park

There is still rubble on the site of Treverlen Park but at the current rate of working that could be gone by 18 January. Meanwhile, the paths across the park are being marked out and the top soil is spread. So from some angles it really does look like a park.

The next big task is the construction of the drainage channels, called swales in the trade, which will bring the water to a SUDS pond in the corner where the nursery used to be. The pond is expected to be dry most of the time – it is basically a soak away – but will have an overflow to the street drain. The construction of that will mean closing, in whole or part, the corner of Hamilton Drive and Hamilton Terrace to take a pipe round to the main drain in the Drive.

Water management is an issue here as some houses in Hamilton Drive and Hamilton Terrace have had flooding in the past – removing the hard surfacing the park should reduce the flows off the site.