Who designed Treverlen?

As the Park approaches completion, people are asking who designed it. At the first level, it might be said that it was the community (at many levels) which, through the debates on schools replacement ended up with primary legislation in the Scottish Parliament. The concluding piece of the jigsaw was to replace the public land used for the new Portobello High School with a similar area where the old High School (and St John’s Primary School) had been. So the site was settled.

There were public consultations, meetings and so on which guided Holmes Miller (the architects for both the new St John’s and the Park). Holmes Miller, in turn, contracted MBLA design Ltd to produce designs for the Park. The construction of those designs is now approaching completion. The design process is not quite complete as the skate facility is still under discussion.

The Park is expected to open in October. Let The Keeper know if there are things you would like to know or suggest.

Sphere (for climbing) and site for skate facility