Planning Application in Prospect

Councillor Maureen Child’s excellent weekly email included this news on 30 June:

“A couple of people have asked about the new Treverlen Park planning process. A Proposal of Application Notice (16/05530/PAN) was submitted back in November 2016 for the development of the old Portobello High School site, which includes a new St John’s and a new Park, which was consulted upon widely.  A planning application is to be submitted in the next couple of months, with the applicant (City of Edinburgh Council Corporate Property) pulling together the required reports and information prior to submission. Once the application is submitted, there will be the usual three week period for interested parties to comment on the contents of the planning application.”


Ready for Action


The site has been cleared, leaving long, low masses of crushed concrete on the area which will become the Treverlen Park.  The new school site is dotted with blue-tipped posts marking our the building zone.  The site manager’s portakabin is in place. The trees are protected with wire railing panels and all is ready for the construction machines and materials to arrive in the week beginning 10 July.

Completion is still aimed for August 2018.

The trees remain

The site has been cleared except for 3 or 4 large, neat piles of crushed concrete.  Some tarmac remains which will set up the builder’s yard.  The planning application for new St John’s has a plan for existing trees to be retained and this has happened.

We will know building is underway when the site begins to be marked out.